California School of Italian Plasters
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Why is the Master Plaster class 5 days long?   It takes a good 4 days to get it.  No institution has trained more people in the US in the art and technique of Venetian plaster than the School of Italian Plasters.  Anybody can show somebody how to do something, but to really learn to do something with confidence enough  to carry it out into the field, takes a week of dedication.  Additionally, you will need a full week to create an extensive 25 sample board portfolio.

Who normally takes the Master Plaster class?  We  have a break down of  20% painting contractors, 20% faux finishers, 20% Dry wall contractors, 20% Lath and plaster contractors and 20% home owners.

I am a home owner with no other finishing skills, will the class be too hard?  Most contractors have to learn new tricks which takes away any advantage.  At the end of the day, most everyone is at the same level.

Is this the original Safra Colors LTD Class?  Bascially, yes.  The structure for this class was created by Doyle Self over 12 years ago.  Safra has been out of business for a few years now.  Magna Colors authentic lime plasters have stayed strong in this tough economy.

Can I miss a day?    No.

Why are the other courses you offer only 1 or 2 day classes?  They are designed for those that know who to trowel and are in the wall fine finishing business.  They come to learn a new product line, brush up on techniques and enlarge their portfolios.  

What happened to Safra Colors Ltd?  Unfortunately, the economy got the best of this Italian manufacture of an extensive line of great products and they declared bankruptcy this year.  They are a wonderful group and we are sorry to see them go.  That said, there are replacement prodcuts available from other supplies.  Call and we will guide you to the nearest source.